Client Services Charter


We believe communication to be the pinnacle of every client relationship and as such:

✓ Actively communicate on an open, honest & frank basis
✓ Communicate upfront the scope of work, value of service, mutual expectations & fee for service
✓ Let our clients know when we will start & finish work
✓ Advise clients upfront of any change in scope of work that may affect the fee
✓ Seek feedback on level of service and client satisfaction


We have mutual expectations that both ourselves and our clients will:

✓ Treat and be treated with respect, dignity and understanding
✓ Provide confidentiality and privacy that is upheld at all times
✓ Ensure the timely completion and payment of engaged scope of works as agreed


We pride ourselves in:

✓ Supporting a collaborative team in an open-plan office
✓ Continually educating and updating the skills of our staff
✓ Maintain a client centred focus
✓ Ensuring a strong work ethic and dedicated attitudes of our employees
✓ Promoting a healthy wellbeing which includes maintaining a good work life balance
✓ The belief that local supports local


We look to:

✓ Create a personalised and tailored strategy for each client’s business
✓ Provide the client with the opportunity to consider the level of service and support they require
✓ Promote meeting regularly but at least once per year to discuss financials as well as current & future strategic planning
✓ Provide knowledge-based content relevant to the client’s needs & interests


We aim to encourage the:

✓ Correct application of tax law
✓ Provision of appropriate source documentation
✓ Maintaining of appropriate registrations and insurances
✓ Adherence to code of conduct and ethical standards