As part of our Local Supports Local initiative, we are seeking applications from suitable Not For Profit or community organisations for the 2023/24 Support Jar Program.


We have 3 support jars that enable funding to be provided for suitable projects, developments or needs of the organisation that would benefit the community.

What is the Community
Support Jar Program?

We want to support local community and sporting groups by providing funding for vital projects and/or equipment. One of the ways we will be giving back to the community is through our Community Support Jar Program.

What projects are we
looking to support?

How does the
program work?

JSM Accounting Group will provide all tax and consulting clients with token/s at the time of their appointment and they can choose which organisation they want to support, by placing their token in the jar (each token is worth $2) and the jars are tallied up at the conclusion of the program (31.03.2024). Each organisation will then receive their funding early April.

Each jar lists the organisation and what they intend to use the funding for and your logo will be proudly displayed on our multimedia display in reception for all to see.

When does the
program run?

Applications for this years program open on 18.03.2023 and close for submissions on 31.05.2023. The jars operation with the taking of tokens from 01.07.2023 to 31.03.2024.

What is the
application process?

Complete and submit our simple form – this can be requested from our team at JSM.

Who can

Any community organisation within 4300 postcode that is registered with either ACNC or has an incorporated association number/or a registered ABN (but not for business use). Proof will be required upon submission. Each year, 3 separate organisations are chosen, and an organisation cannot be a participant two years running.

JSM Accounting Group will decide based on the applications submitted as to the final decision on choice of organisational projects to support.

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