Due Diligence Reporting & Business Plan Preparation

Looking to purchase a business?  Maybe its that little coffee shop in the perfect location or that online retail business that will provide you the work from home dream you’ve always had.  No matter what, purchasing an established business is one of the most stressful and exciting times of your life and its going to happen all at once.

Why should you conduct Due Diligence?  Our job isn’t to tell you whether or not you should purchase that business but it is to provide you with the information and advice to understand all the possible outcomes of your decisions, so you can make an informed decision.  It is important you seek the appropriate advice.  We understand your excitement and we are just as excited as you are, infact we want to know everything you know about the business and more.

When you purchase a business, that decision should be based on facts, information and careful analysis, that’s where we come in.  Due Diligence is a comprehensive analysis of all available information to ensure you purchase a great business at a fair price.

Perhaps you are an entrepreneur looking to transform a dream into a business?  We offer full business services for Due Diligence Reporting and Business Plan preparation.  JSM Accounting Group will tailor a package to suit your new start up or established business purchase.  We are able to work with your choice of professionals including financiers and solicitors.

Business Plan preparation is a comprehensive document that outlines all the components of a successful business including and not limited to operations, marketing, human resources, finance and administration/legal.   Business Plans are often required by financiers inorder to satisfy finance requirements however these documents can be so much more, they can be your goals or plan for the future.  A good business plan needs to be comprehensive but flexible.

Holistic Bookkeeping Services

Whether you are a solo sub-contractor, or your business is a large professional firm, you need bookkeeping services — and you need a full range of services that is tailored to your company. JSM Accounting Group knows the value of a holistic approach to finances, and that is what we apply to bookkeeping. From advisory services to costing and reporting, we work hard to ensure that your needs are met, now and in the future. is able to provide you with a full accounting solution that includes all of your bookkeeping requirements. From the small subcontractor through to the professional business with 500 employees and anything in between we are here to help.

Bookkeeping Pricing Structures – Subject to change without notice 

Our fees are competitive and our approach, second to none. A standard accounting firm is not who we are. A tailored whole solution approach is what we pride ourselves in with staff who understand your business.

With any of our packages you can pick and choose and tailor make a package to suit your requirements. Often our clients like to include payroll services, call us to discuss fee structures.

TypeIncludesFee Structure
Basic Due Diligence Report
- includes ATO benchmarking
Per reportFrom $550
Comprehensive Due Diligence Report
- includes indepth data analysis and ATO benchmarking
Per reportFrom $990
Cash Flow Forecasting
- 12 month budgets, Break Even Analysis
Per reportFrom $330
Business Plan Preparation
- Includes 12 months budgets, projected cash flow forecasting and indepth analysis
Per reportFrom $990